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Genetic Services
It is crucial to any successful duck breeding program to have parent stock with superior genetics.  At Maple Leaf Farms, intensive testing and selection for upgrading genetics is conducted on an ongoing basis.

The INDUX™ System focuses on the goal of optimizing the duck’s genetic potential at the best cost. These efforts are led by industry-leading Ph.D. Geneticist, Dr. Karim Akbar. 

Maple Leaf Farms’ genetic program has unique strains that allow us to custom build the ultimate commercial growing duck that best meets your market’s requirements at the best cost of production. Each strain has unique characteristics that serve as the building blocks.

Day-old ducks are available for purchase. The genetic program includes Breeder Sales with the strain that best meets your needs:

  • Great Grandparents-GGP and Grandparents-GP
    (only available via joint venture or similar structure)
  • Parent Stock-PS
  • Meat Ducks for Commercial Growers

Farm and Hatchery Management
By analyzing your production capabilities, a Maple Leaf Farms field technician will help you develop the most efficient and profitable live production system. This includes the production and hatching of eggs along with the raising of the ducklings:

  • Duck Health
  • Biosecurity and Sanitation
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Barn Ventilation
  • Incubation and Hatch Technology
  • Animal Welfare

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