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Maple Leaf Farms, Inc. employs highly trained experts in a wide variety of special operations, including research laboratories, breeder/hatchery operations, grow-out farms, genetic research, production plants, environmental control and more.  When you partner with Maple Leaf Farms, you have the experience and expertise of all these people working for you to save you time and money.  And that is support you can depend on.

Our INDUX® System is built upon a strong technical service foundation. This foundation was built with more than 50 years of progress and proven performance and is now supported by over 50 technical specialists with over 600 years of collective experience. 

The company has conducted more than 300 research investigations, over 120 EPIC nutrition-based studies, and is affiliated with a number of leading universities.

Current duck production research is focused on these areas:

  • Natural and organic feed ingredients
  • Health promoting feed ingredients
  • Ingredient digestibility
  • Dried distiller grains
  • Early nutrition

Through extensive studies and research testing over the years, Maple Leaf Farms has made the INDUX® System the world's premier integrated duck production system. The results of the system are improved duck performance and reduced cost of production:*

  • Feed conversion improved by 36%
  • Age to plant reduced by 12 days
  • Rate of gain increased by 45%
  • Breast meat increased by 8.5%

To learn more about the all-natural INDUX® System, visit the Products and Services section.

*Results are based on specific Maple Leaf Farms protocols and conditions.

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University Research Affiliations:

- Purdue University
- Ohio State University
- UC Davis
- North Carolina State University
- University Wisconsin–Madison

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