INDUX™ System Products and Services

The INDUX™ System is the world's premier integrated duck production system offered by Maple Leaf Farms, Inc. Designed to improve duck health and performance while reducing production costs, the system is fully integrated and includes: Genetics, Nutrition, Diagnostics and Research, Biotechnology, Food Safety, Farm and Hatchery Management technologies, and Consulting Services.

Live Production
Genetic Services
It is crucial to any successful duck breeding program to have parent stock with superior genetics.  At Maple Leaf Farms, intensive testing for upgrading genetic selection of multiple GGP lines is conducted on an ongoing basis. This assures you of getting premium breeding stock that is also diverse enough to provide stock customized for almost any market needs. Read more »

Animal Health, Welfare, and Food Safety
Control and prevention of disease and the safety of finished product is vital to the success of your operation.  Maple Leaf Farms continues to be a world leader in this area.  You will be supported with disease control programs that represent the most advanced technological developments in the world.  Should disease problems even occur, you can be sure Maple Leaf Farms’ staff will be there to help. Read more »

Consulting Services
Maple Leaf Farms has extensive experience in all aspects of duck production and offers consulting services in a variety of areas to make your business successful: Sales and Marketing, Brand Development, Research Protocols and Equipment, Processing and Operations (such as feather removal), and Other Products (starter feed, premix, wax, etc.) — all key inputs to optimize performance.

Optimizing Genetic Potential, Naturally™

White Pekin Ducks
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